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Create Your Life

After Breast Cancer 

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Breast cancer is complicated! 


Especially for those of us who go flat! We don't recognize our bodies. We may feel insecure going out in public. We may worry about whether our partner still finds us attractive. Our clothes fit differently. EVERYTHING is different.

We also worry about recurrence. We want to take better care of ourselves. We want to quit eating and drinking things that don't support our health and maintain a healthy weight. But chronic stress, and thoughts about our new bodies, and the uncertainty of what's next can make it difficult to avoid emotional eating and over-drinking. 

I get it.

What started as my own quest to get and stay healthy has turned into a system to support other women to accept and nurture their bodies, increase confidence, and step into new, extraordinary futures after breast cancer.


Resources for Women Who Have

Experienced Breast Cancer

and Gone Flat

Online Courses
Self-guided online learning on all things breast cancer and flattie related.

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One-on-One Private Coaching

Personal, customized support and ongoing accountability to reach your goals. Clients receive coaching on everything from releasing the Buddha Belly and unwanted weight, improving or leaving their marriages, managing fears, and creating entirely new futures after cancer.

Coaching is available to clients all over the world by phone or via Zoom.

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Online library of resources on demand and monthly live workshops for women who have experienced breast cancer.

(coming in January, 2023) 

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I didn't think it was possible to lose weight. I now see food as medicine. I am taking care of myself, and I am more ME again.

Anna C.

Kristy H.

My goals are within reach. My boundaries are growing stronger. Private coaching with Amy is such a gift.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I've learned it's okay to miss my old body and be sad about it. I realized I was eating my grief instead of being with it. I know now that it's okay to feel. My feelings can't hurt me.

Michelle W.

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Buh Bye Buddha Belly

No, women who have experienced breast cancer do NOT have to live on celery juice, give up all our favorite foods, or deprive ourselves to stay healthy and release Buddha Belly.

This course will show you how to ditch your nightly wine habit, quit binge eating sugar, and restore natural energy. 


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